Smooth operator Jose - the new Victor Kiam?

"When I do it, I like to do it really, really well."

"The Special One" is, of course, talking about shaving and why wouldn't he, seeing as he has just been unveiled as the first ever global ambassador, no less, for grooming giants Braun.

The Real Madrid boss is set to star in a print and television advertising campaign across the UK, extolling the virtues of a good shave - with a good shaver, one assumes.

The press release that landed on our desk at MirrorFootball towers explained that Jose was a "natural fit" for Braun, citing his "unparalleled success both on and off the pitch, calm authority and no-nonsense attitude".

"Jose 's unmistakable charisma, style, passion and performance, which are the trademarks of his life and work, are also synonymous with Braun's brand and heritage."

They're clearly big fans, as are we - and that's why we thought we'd give you this sneak peek of Jose in full-on Victor Kiam mode.

"Since the beginning I promised myself that I wouldn’t just do brand partnerships for the money," Jose explained.

"First of all I do them because I feel something with the product. Braun is a brand that I like. It’s a brand with prestige. They think I am good for their image. I also think being connected with Braun is good for my image. It’s a good partnership."

Jose clearly loves the product but, to the best of our knowledge, he hasn't "bought the company" just yet...