Rooney: My form is down to barber's magic powers

He's the, er, mane man in football right now – and Wayne Rooney reckons his superb ball skills are all down to his barber...

The Manchester United and England striker seems to have regained his form ever since that £30,000 hair transplant a few months ago left him sprouting a head of surprisingly luscious locks.

In fact, the Samson of soccer has such an abundance of hair he gets it trimmed before EVERY match.

Rooney, 25, believes the “magical powers” of hair-whisperer Mr Daniel J have helped him score two consecutive hat-tricks.

“Daniel J always keeps me looking sharp," he said. "And when I look sharp, I feel sharp. I don’t know what it is but it’s like his haircuts have magical powers because every time he gives me a trim I seem to go and score.”

Rooney has even got United teammate Rio Ferdinand and Spurs’ Jermain Defoe using his lucky celeb crimper, too.

“All the lads have been asking me for Daniel’s number," he added. "Of course I’m not giving it out to the [Manchester] City boys.”

Back in June, Rooney posted a picture of his bloody bonce on Twitter , and admitted: “I’ve had a hair transplant. I’m delighted. It will take a few months to grow.”

Three months later and while he’s still not quite got a Leo Sayer-esque mop of curls, there is definitely a lot more up top than there was.